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Cartridge Refill Machine Premier

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A solução definitivva para você montar seu próprio negócio em recarga de cartuchos.

Premier Jet is a professional machine to recharge ink cartridges that refill all models of inkjet cartridges in the market. The equipment is the leader on the market of cartridges recharge and research indicates that every 10 remanufacturers that use professional machines, 8 use Premier Jet or A 20 Senior ( all own manufacturing ).

Its operation is simple and practical, allowing anyone to operate it without any complication. With the Premier Jet, besides the  recharge with 100% accuracy in the amount of ink it also do the  complete cleaning of the cartridge.

The machine  is all done in carbon steel with special electrostatic painting  and uses imported hoses with high resistance .The equipment also have 2 years warranty.

Galeria de Fotos

Dados Técnicos
Height: 46cm or 18,11 inches
Width: 42,50cm or 16,76 inches
Length: 40cm or 15,74 inches
Weight: 17kg
Voltage: Bivolt

Conteúdo do Produto

Premier Jet Machine
1 – Glass system to decontamination of the cartridges
3 – Modified big needles
3 – Normal big needles
3 – Medium needles
3 – Small needles
1 – Needle to HP 645
1 – Illustrated manual
1 – Explicative Dvd

Besides the DVD available in 3 languages that follows the machine, all the clients that acquire the Premier Jet are invited to come to our company and know our facilities and factory and also do a course where the client can learn everything about the refilling process and operation of the equipment. The training is done in two days, in the first day we teach about the inkjet cartridges and on the second day about the toner cartridges.

If the distance prevent the clients to come to your company, we can provide a one-day training  through video conferencing with our technical , where they are going to teach everything about inkjet cartridges recharge  process.

Perguntas Frequentes

1) Why buy a machine Premier Jet?

Answer: The Premier Jet is a machine that took more than 10 years of studies to come to what it is today. An exceptionally machine robust and compact, which perfectly meets the needs of entrepreneurs that looking for a new business or wish to add value to an existing business.

2) What is the difference between the machine Premier Jet and the others on the market?

Answer: The main advantage of Premier Jet is the durability of the equipment, while competitors are using wood cabinets and plastic syringes as paint dispenser, the Premier Jet is entirely made in brushed steel and also have dosing glass with  high resistance and precision.

No wonder that the equipment is exported to many countries around the world as:  Honduras, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Angola, Portugal, Spain and others.

3) I’ve never worked with cartridges, I will be able to use it?

Answer: The Premier Jet is the easiest machine to work in the market, anyone can operate it. Different from other machines, with Premier Jet, there is no need to open valves, releasing hoses and registers. It’s an equipment without complication, simply press the button and the cartridge begins to be recharged, beyond that,  the machine also comes with a manual and a DVD that teaches step-by-step the whole process of recharge.

4) The cartridge has to be done in a vacuum?

Answer: YES, the inkjet cartridges have super fine channels through which the ink comes out. Every time you do the recharge of the cartridge WITHOUT THE VACUUM, there are many air bubbles in these channels, and when it’s not dissolved, they block the nozzle of the cartridge , causing the ink jam and consequently the ink doesn’t come out. With the vacuum, the air bubbles in the foam and the gases dissolved in the ink are eliminated.

5) Why the Premier Jet has not the digital drive?

Answer: When we started to produce machines to recharge cartridges (1998), our equipment (old machine A10) was a digital drive, simply selected the quantity of ink, the machine did the job. However, began to emerge many cartridges with foam, that’s when the trouble started.

When we’d put the needles injecting ink into the cartridge, happened sometimes that pieces of foam went to inside the needle and locked the out of ink. When we turned on the machine, the  counter showed send ink, but when we did the test of the cartridge there was missing one of inks or there was nothing inside the cartridge. Sometimes clients complained about the quality of the cartridge and we discovered that machine with digital drive DOES NOT WORK. So it was developed another way to drive the ink, where it’s possible follow visually the quantity of ink that it’s going to inside the cartridge.

6) Do you give the technical support?

Answer: In addition to our  supporting videos, while you’re with our machine, you will be helped,  we have continuously monitoring by MSN and also, when it’s necessary we schedule video conferencing between our support team and who bought the Premier Jet. You can buy your machine quietly and we provide you a video training by distance, in order to help you to solve all your doubts, the most interesting is that, these video conferencing are made with a demonstration on the equipment itself.

The machine has warranty?
Answer: Yes, the machine is guaranteed for two years.

7) Can I trust in the company Master Ink? How long time they are in this business?

Answer: We are in this market for over 11 years, always working with integrity and professionalism. Our products are all first-line with quality assured.

8 ) It is a professional machine?

Answer: Yes, the Premier Jet is a professional machine, suitable for entrepreneurs that intend to start a new business.

9) What I must consider when I’ll buy a machine to recharge cartridges?

Answer: This is one of the most important questions that are asked by those who are joining this field. How to find an ideal machine? The first step is to examine the suitability of the company that is selling the machine, make a visit at the company, or if it’s too far, get information with clients who already bought the machine. Nowadays, anyone can put an ad on the Internet and with this facility lots of machines with low quality ,  machines made with  syringes of hospitals or machines homemade are available on internet. You can even find machines with lower prices, but if you have a problem with this machine or need a support  for a new cartridge, you will probably not have and you’ll end up  frustrated. With this, those who buy these machines end up deluded and come out of this profitable business. The reality is that cheap refill machines often are expensive.

10) Do you offer training in the company?

Answer: Yes, buying the machine, you have the right to make a two days training in our company. The training does not add value to the machine, it is free. The only expense that you’ll have will be the hosting. The food and transportation (Hotel – Master Ink / Master Ink – Hotel) it’s on our behalf. If you are unable to do the training in our company, we also offer video conferencing service. We do the same training by video, and we will follow your questions and answers in real time An important observation is that these trainings have to be scheduled in advanced because the number of visits and conferencing video that we do is frequently.

11) With the machine, I’ll recharge all cartridges that there are in the market?

Answer: Yes, you can recharge all models of cartridges with this machine.

12) And if launched other different cartridges after that I buy the machine?

Answer: Every time that a new cartridge is launched in the market, Master Ink provide a manual that teaches you how to recharge this new model. And if need some adjustment, we sent to the client with no additional cost.

Nossos Clientes

We export to more than 25 countries ! Learn about the companies that are succeeding with our equipments:

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Envie seu Depoimento

“As máquinas da Master Ink são de excelente qualidade, além do suporte técnico e treinamento que a empresa oferece. Adquiri a máquina e com pouco tempo recuperei meu investimento. Já estou de olho em outro equipamento para aumentar os lucros de minha empresa.” Danillo Servato – COPY NEWS

“Não é o primeiro maquinário que adquiro da Master Ink, minha empresa esta crescendo e devo isso a qualidade dos equipamentos da Master Ink. Todos meus clientes ficaram satisfeitos depois que adquiri a máquina da Master Ink” Douglas Freire de Queiroz – SCANER JET

“Pesquisei durante 3 meses uma maquina ideal para adquirir, decidi pela A20 da Master Ink, pela qualidade e satisfação dos clientes que já tinham a mesma e pela confiança e atendimento que a Master Ink transmite. Comprei insumos e a máquina A20 e indico a todos os produtos da Master Ink, é uma empresa diferenciada em qualidade no mercado.” Gleison de Souza – AGS PRINT

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